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For over 35 years, we have delivered on the Bay Area’s promise of inclusion and accessibility, sharing the works and words of William Shakespeare with communities through the Bay Area and beyond, regardless of age, ethnicity, financial status, or level of education. Your support now will ensure our ability to continue delivering on that promise by ensuring that our programming is supported by a sustainable organization.

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SF Shakes: Over 35 years of success

SF Shakes has evolved from an impromptu production of The Tempest on a picnic table in 1983 to a leading regional theater company. We specialize in engaging and cultivating new and “non-traditional” audiences who are attracted to our programming because at its heart lies great, powerful, living art.

Most adults know us through our annual Free Shakespeare in the Park productions. Over 1 million students know us from our meaningful arts education and outreach programs. We’re known in the Bay Area’s arts ecology for our long history of quality performances, and for authentic engagement.

Real data demonstrates that our audiences are representative of our Bay Area communities. We are making artistically inspiring, data-informed, and mission-driven decisions to tailor our approach to further increase community representation.

What’s needed now is expanded financial support from YOU, our community, to provide the “fuel” that will enable us to put our well-developed plans into action.

You can help improve the artistic offerings (just because it's free doesn’t mean it should be less than excellent, nor does it come cheap).

You can help engage more people (expanding free access to arts and arts education).

You can further solidify our artistic and financial foundation (ensuring a legacy of high quality art and arts access for generations to come).

That’s what’s so special about the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival: YOU.

– because you are the essential ingredient to make it all happen.