VIRTUAL Shakespeare Camp

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Shakespeare camp -- without the commute!


What is VIRTUAL Shakespeare Camp?

Virtual Shakespeare Camp is a blend of online and offline activities designed to keep campers (Shakespeare Players, ages 7-13 and Upstart Crows, ages 12-18) engaged in creative play centered around the life and times of William Shakespeare and his words, stories and characters. Campers will be moving their bodies, using their voices at full volume, playing interactive theatre games, working on arts-and-crafts projects, learning lines, and rehearsing. Some group activities and portions of the day will be conducted live, via  Zoom, while other activities will involve brief videos, worksheets for independent work, and regular check-ins with our teaching artists. And of course, your campers will be engaging with Shakespeare's text throughout the day, learning monologues and scenes, receiving individual coaching, and even rehearsing with each other without leaving the house. The final day of camp concludes with a live, online performance showcase, free to friends and family!

Camp sessions are Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm for two-weeks. This summer, campers will be perform in The Witches' Brew, Macbeth, and King Lear. Previous acting experience welcome but not required.

Price:  $695 for the 2-week camp.  All scripts and materials are supplied (most will be delivered electronically), PLUS a Bay Area Shakespeare Camp tote bag, are included!
Need-based scholarship assistance available.

When and Where is VIRTUAL Shakespeare Camp?

You can do it from anywhere! Choose from 6 separate 2-week sessions, no matter where you live!

  • June 8 - June 19 / Session completed
  • June 22-July 3 / Session completed
  • July 6 -July 17 / Session completed
  • July 13 -July 24 (Players only) / Session completed
  • July 20 -July 31 / Session completed
  • July 27 -Aug 7 (Players only) / Session completed

What are the benefits of VIRTUAL Shakespeare Camp?

  • Daily structure
  • Daily physical activity
  • Arts and crafts with household objects
  • Project-based learning
  • Learning about historical/cultural context
  • Small-group collaboration
  • Real-time interaction with peers and Teaching Artists
  • Live-Streamed performance for friends and family

Is VIRTUAL Shakespeare Camp right for me and my family?

Online classes and activities require focus, patience and careful cooperation with others. Only you and your child can decide if your child is ready for an online theatre camp experience. But here are some considerations to help you decide:

Technical requirements

Virtual Shakespeare Camp requires a stable internet connection and a desktop, laptop, or tablet that can receive email and run the Zoom application with little or no difficulty. We have found that some users will require two devices (for example, a cell phone and a computer) to improve video performance and clear audio signal. If you have any questions about your technical requirements, a camp manager can host a test call with you to help you establish your online readiness. If you regularly use Zoom or other conference call technology, then you should be just fine.

Home environment requirements

Virtual Shakespeare Campers need a dedicated room or space in the home to get the most out of camp. This place can be a den, a bedroom, a home office, or any spare room that meets some basic requirements:

  • Virtual campers should have enough space to stand up, stretch, dance and move around safely.
  • Campers will need to be able to make loud sound without disturbing others.
  • There should a stable place to mount their screen (computer, tablet or phone) so they can participate in activities without having to hold onto their device.
  • Above all, it should be a place to collaborate, study and perform with few limitations or distractions. The occasional family member passing through the room should be fine, but it is important that pets, siblings or other distracting elements be kept away during camp hours so your camper can focus.
Tell me more about the structure of the day:
A typical day a Virtual Shakespeare Camp begins with a group check-in and a vocal and physical warm-up, held over Zoom, before we break out into classes. Discovering Shakespeare class explores the life and times of William Shakespeare, and theatre and language, through short videos, worksheets, and individual projects. Everyone gets to “share-out” their progress via Zoom. Voice and Movement class gets camps up on their feet and actively engaging in theatre games and acting exercises over Zoom. After lunch, campers engage with a Production and Design activity, such as designing a costume or creating their own paper-towel tube swords or other props. And a portion of each day is spent Zooming Rehearsal, where campers will receive both group and individual coaching on scenes and monologues.