Green Show

This year, our green show is pre-recorded. It was created by Christian Haines and features Performance Interns Tessa Nesbet, Suhail Kumar, and Viv Helvajian.

Our Intern Company performs a 15-minute educational green show 30 minutes before every Free Shakespeare in the Park performance. These fun, irreverent original plays give the audience a chance to learn more about the Free Shakespeare production, including historical context, important themes, and Shakespeare's use of language in a family-friendly format. Recurring characters such as Queen Elizabeth, Richard Burbage, and Shakespeare himself make an appearance in every show, and audience members always have an opportunity to join the fun with interactive games and musical interludes.

Looking for more fun? Download this Lear-themed activity sheet for kids. Download a Lear-themed Slides and Ladders game.

To apply to be a Performance Intern, please see our Intern Company page.