Virtual Camp - Home environment

Home environment requirements

Virtual Shakespeare Campers need a dedicated room or space in the home to get the most out of camp. This place can be a den, a bedroom, a home office, or any spare room that meets some basic requirements:

  • Virtual campers should have enough space to stand up, stretch, dance and move around safely
  • Campers will need to be able to make loud sound without disturbing others.
  • There should a stable place to mount their screen (computer, tablet or phone) so they can participate in activities without having to hold onto their device.
  • There should be access to electrical power and stable internet access
  • Above all, it should be a place to collaborate, study and perform with few limitations or distractions. The occasional family member passing through the room should be fine, but it is important that pets, siblings or other distracting elements be kept away during camp hours so your camper can focus.