Virtual Camp - Zoom etiquette


  • Find a distraction-free environment for camp sessions. Make sure it is well-lit, so your face is clearly visible on the screen. 
  • Keep your video (camera) on, except when directed by your instructor to turn it off.
  • Keep your audio on MUTE to minimize background noise. If you’d like to speak, raise your hand so your teacher can see you, or use the virtual “Raise Hand” button. Then UNMUTE yourself when you’re called on, and lower your virtual "hand".
  • Speak clearly and stay close enough to your device’s microphone.
  • Use the chat feature sparingly, to communicate to your teacher.
  • Resist the temptation to play with the features (like chat, virtual backgrounds, renaming yourself, etc.) during class sessions. These activities distract other students.


  • RESPECTFUL LANGUAGE and BEHAVIOR is required at all times, including on the group chat. (Private chat function will not be available to campers).
  • Clothing should be classroom-appropriate. Any images inappropriate for school are inappropriate for camp.
  • If virtual backgrounds are  allowed, they must likewise be appropriate for the classroom, and must be approved by your camp teacher or manager.
  • Offensive language, imagery or behavior will result in disciplinary action, and may result in expulsion from camp.