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Two Households:  Love by the Numbers in Romeo and Juliet

This presentation by Rebecca J. Ennals, Artistic Director of San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and the director of Romeo and Juliet, explores why audiences have been so attracted to this play for over 400 years. Text from the play, read live by the actors, will demonstrate how the use of dualities in its dramatic structure, figures of speech, and characterizations add to its timeless appeal.

Mercy and Revenge:  Bullying in The Merchant of Venice

A panel discussion on the themes of mercy, revenge, and the bullying that takes place in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.  Is this a play that should be left on the shelf?  Or are the themes of otherness and acceptance applicable to our lives today?  Featuring performances by our Palo Alto Upstart Crows and Midnight Oakland students.

An Unusual Romance:  Love, Lust, and Negotiation in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew

Artistic Director Rebecca J. Ennals presents this lively conversation, which offers an informative commentary on the characters and themes of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.  Who's the bigger shrew?  You may find yourself surprised after listening to this disucussion.